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Alim Exam Result 2019 Madrasha Education Board

By Staff Panel | July 17th, 2019 | Print this study
Alim Exam Result 2019 Madrasha Education Board

Alim Result 2019 has been published. Are you looking for the results of the Alim examination of the year 2019? You've been on a appropriate website. In today's posting of Bangla Jobs, the first thing to know about the results of Madrasa Board's Alim Result Alim test is basically a test of HSC equivalent. HSC examinations are under general education board, but the examination of the examination is held under the Madrasa Board. Although Alim's certificate is accepted as the equivalent of HSC. All the formalities of the examination of the examination ending from the beginning and the publication of the test results are usually with HSC. You already know, today HSC Result 2019 was published on July 17th. All the ways to get HSC test results on our site are shared. So under the Madrasa Education Board, the candidates who have passed HSC or Alim examination. Today's post with the way to get their results.

How to check Alim Result 2019 through the Internet [with Marksheets]

Website is the most acceptable way to check any public exam results in Bangladesh. That is, the way of seeing the results through the website through the internet is most used in our country. You know, the result of HSC or Alim examination is published on the Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board website To find out the results of the website, follow the procedure below:

  • First visit this link
  • Then select as an exam HSC / Alim / Equivalent
  • Then year 2019 and select Madrasha Board as the Board
  • Result Type Select from the individual Individual Result
  • Then write your Alim examination roll number as Roll
  • You can also enter registration number in registration field. There is no problem even if you do not
  • Finally, by entering the captcha code in the security key, click the Get Result button. Then you will get your Alim examination results

Alim examination results through SMS

You already know, you can get your HSC exam results by sending SMS as well as the website. To share your understanding of SMS test results by SMS:

  • First go to the message option of mobile and compose a new SMS
  • Alim to mobile message option
  • Then enter a space with MAD
  • Then enter your Alim examination roll number with another space
  • Enter another space with 2019
  • Finally send the message to 16222

Example: ALIM MAD Your Roll 2019

In this format, by sending SMS to 16222, you will get your reply in the return SMS. This service will be available from any mobile operator. However, charges of 2 taka are applicable.

Fast way to know HSC Alim Results 2019

Every candidate wants to know the results of his test first. This is normal! But due to this interest of all, the website and the SMS server have a lot of pressure. As a result, getting results before and after all was not possible. So if the server is down the server, try patiently. You can also get results faster if you want to contact your education institution.

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