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54 BMA Special Course 2020 Questions - Signals Corps

By Staff Panel | February 15th, 2020 | Print this news

Bangladesh Army
Post: Captain (Signal Corps)
Date: 2019
Total Marks:100
Time: 1 Hour

Part A (20 Marks):
There were 20 MCQ question on networking and computer programming.

Part B(80 Marks):

  1. What is Kernel?
  2. Illustrate DNS with diagram.
  3. What is ARP?
  4. Write about Firewall.
  5. Write C program:
    1. Fibonacci Number
    2. Small letter to Capital letter
  6. What is Network Topology? Write types of Network Topology.
  7. Digital Encryption System (DES)
  8. Define primary and candidate key
  9. Aggregation in database function
  10. Function dependency in database
  11. Using IP, Host and Subnet address, 1st Subnet start and finish IP
  12. DHCP four steps process
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