Job Seeker's FAQ

1. What is Bangla Jobs?
Answer: Bangla Jobs is a largest jobs and career platform in Bangladesh. This site helps employers to manage many of their tasks associated recruitment process more efficiently and allow them to save time and money. Bangla Jobs also promises to offer confidentiality, pro-activity and database build-up as well as branding opportunity for employers and wider reach for job seekers.

2. What is the cost for job-seekers?
Answer: It’s free to open an account on and post/update resume.

3. How can I change the password to my account?
Answer: To change your account password, Log in to your account first then click on the “Change Password” link given at the Mybanglajobs container. You would need to enter your old password along with new password. Finally submit the change password form.

4. How many Profiles can I create?
Answer: Not more than one please!

5. How can I update/edit my Profile?
Answer: You can update your profile only after you login to Once you have logged in to your account. To edit your profile, click on the “Edit” link. It is recommended that you update your Profile regularly. Recruiters often contact only those candidates who have recently updated their profiles.

6. How do I search for relevant jobs?
Answer: Search gives you an option to look for relevant jobs based on your specific requirements. To search for a job, you can use the given search option given on the home page. It is recommended that you specify the keywords, preferred job type criteria to access job search results which are closest to what you are looking for.

7. I have shortlisted a job(s) for future reference. How long is it going to stay on my account?
Answer: Once you have shortlisted a job for future reference, it will stay on your account till the time it is live on the site. It is based on the recruiter's discretion or the time till that particular job vacancy is open.

8. What is the "Jobs by Category", "Jobs by Job Level", "Jobs by Employer", "Jobs by Job Type" and “Jobs by Circular Type" option provided on the Jobs Page?
Answer: "Jobs by Category", "Jobs by Job Level", "Jobs by Employer", "Jobs by Job Type" and "Jobs by Circular Type" enables you to refine your search by selecting a particular skills/designation/ industry, location, experience that suits your job requirement. The options provide you with a comprehensive list of all the jobs that are available under the chosen category/ categories.

9. Once I have selected a job, do I have an option to save it for a later apply?
Answer: Yes you can save job by using “Shortlist this job” option.

10. Who all have access to my Resume?
Answer: Once you have posted your Resume, all the employers who are registered with can access it. However, you can choose to block employers from certain companies from viewing your resume. You can select the companies to block by clicking on “Block Employer” link on the left option bar, after you login to