Employer's FAQ

1. What is Bangla Jobs?
Answer: Bangla Jobs is a largest jobs and career platform in Bangladesh. This site helps employers to manage many of their tasks associated recruitment process more efficiently and allow them to save time and money. Bangla Jobs also promises to offer confidentiality, pro-activity and database build-up as well as branding opportunity for employers and wider reach for job seekers.

2. Job posting is free or paid?
Answer: Sorry, there is no free job posting features. You must make payment to approve the posted job.

3. Am I able to edit any of my live job?
Answer: Yes, you can edit any of your live job. Go to the "Edit" option under "Actions" tab.

4. What are the fields I can edit of a live job?
Answer: You can edit all the fields of a live job except Job Title and Job Category.

5. I’m having problems signing into my account. What should I do?
Answer: If you having problem regarding signing into your account then please visit contact us and get support from our team.

6. How can I contact with the Job Applicants?
Answer: For contacting Job Applicants through (Applied):

  • Select the desired resume(s) from the applicant listing page
  • Click "Download" button from the actions listed.