About Us

The recruitment landscape in the Bangladesh has revolutionized as technology progresses. In those back days when you rely on newspapers and other print media either to post a job or seek one. Online job sites or recruitment sites have become the primary resource for both job seekers and employers. However, as the job sites market continuously to diversify and expand, employers are having much difficulties choosing the right website to advertise a job.

At Bangla Jobs, we offer the best in recruitment and industrial practices in class 1 across the country. We are committed to examining, understanding and responding to the various needs of recruiters and job seekers. Our extensive and unique database and powerful search engine, recruiters will be able to more efficiently find the right applicant for the job.

We are not just an ordinary jobs site. We make sure not only that the recruitment process is improved, but also the way information is delivered to job seekers. That’s why, we have included two important sections named “Job News” and “Study” in our website. In the “Job News” section, distinguished job sector and recently published jobs in Bangladesh has been covered as a featured news. Apart from this, the tips and publications of various types of examinations are published in this section, including the rules of job application, examination date, seat plan, examination results. As a result, a job seeker gets all the updated information related to the job from the one place as a trusted platform.

Among lots of online job site, another special feature of the Bangla Jobs website is the “Study” section. In this section, recent topics are discussed regularly for doing well in competitive examinations in the job market. It is regularly posted in various subjects including Bangla, English, General Knowledge, Bangladesh Affairs, International Affairs, History, Geography, General Science, Web Development, Web Programming, Computing, Networking and Information Technology. Before seeking for a job, they can get basic knowledge from these topics, and then they can apply to their desired jobs.

It is currently seen that an unemployed youth is continuously applying for a variety of jobs, but can’t take preparation at that rate. Because there are many preparatory information in online but there is no job specific preparatory information. As a result, they are becoming frustrated by the failure of these competitive exams due to lack of adequate preparation. After years of trying to get jobs, these unemployed youths become burden of their family. Considering the socioeconomic status of Bangladesh, the study section has been included in the website as well as the most important and timely manner. Job seekers can study in the “Study” section of Bangla Jobs and participate in the exam through knowledge and create a career in dream job.

Companies can do job posting as like the staff panel of Bangla Jobs. Anyone can create an account easily by using the name of their company and they can post their jobs. When the job will be approved, employer can see how many people have applied for their job and keep a record. Along with this, employer will be able to see applicant’s CV, download CV and send emails etc. If a company wants to get recruitment consultancy services from here they need to contact the Sales Team of Bangla Jobs.